Military Tactical Gloves

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Keep your hands safe during outdoor activities!

Wear this perfect Military Outdoor Tactical Protective Gloves and protect your hands from ALL kinds of danger!

It offers 100% protection on all sides!

Hard Knuckle Glove Protection...
  • With strong plastic armor for all joints!
  • Durable enough to protect your knuckles from hot, hard, rough, sharp or blunt objects.
  • Made from high-quality tough material that can withstand pressure.
  • Each knuckle fits perfectly to your hand for better protection.


ALL-Weather Resistant...
  • Temperature resistant to protect your hands from colds or burn.
  • Fireproof and can withstand any temperature!
  • Perfect for outdoor activities whatever weather it is!
Can block cuts from knives & other sharp objects...
  • Made from premium cloth that can resist sharp objects
  • Perfect for operations when you need to use a sharp knife for protection.
Say goodbye to cuts and bleeding hands!

    Brings CONVENIENCE to the next level!

    Non-Slip & Touch Screen Compatible...
    • It provides a strong grip that prevents any danger!
    • You can use your smartphone without removing your gloves!

    Easy to Wear & Comfortable...
    • No complicated instructions involved!
    • Anyone can use it!
    • With breathable holes and proper ventilation for optimum all-day comfort!
    • SAFE & no chemicals that may harm your skin!

    Protect your hands at all costs! Grab this Military Outdoor Tactical Protective Gloves NOW!!


    Materials: Polyester / Spandex / Nylon

    Sizes Available: 

    • M: 8 cm x 20 cm
    • L: 8 - 9 cm x 20 - 22 cm
    • XL: 9.10 cm x 22 - 24 cm